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In 1974 a group of enthusiastic owners of Triumph TR sports cars in Johannesburg and in Natal came together to form the TR Register of South Africa. Membership was limited to owners of TR's only, but by 1979 the Register evolved into the Triumph Sports Car Club of South Africa (TSCC of SA), making it possible for owners of all Triumph cars to become members.
By 1980 some owners of Triumphs in Pretoria, Centurion and environs expressed the need to organize themselves in a club of their own. Shortly afterwards, in January 1981 the Pretoria Centre, known as the Pretoria Triumph Sports Car Club (PTSCC) was formally established to become one of the regional centres of the TSCC of SA. Today it is one of seven such regional groupings, the other six being Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Border (East London), Kwazulu-Natal, Bloemfontein, and Johannesburg. From a small beginning of less than 20 enthusiastic and enterprising members, a dynamic local Triumph club has grown from strength to strength in the years that followed.

Essentially a social club and non-profit organization, the PTSCC objective is to preserve, maintain and promote the enjoyment derived from the ownership of Triumph cars. It provides a home for owners of Triumphs who share the same sentiment and who wish to belong to a club that is dedicated to the pursuit of the above objective. As no more Triumph cars are being manufactured since 1981, keeping the proud classic sporting brand, Triumph, on the road nowadays has become a special challenge that club members are meeting with great success and pride. Towards this end the Club provides opportunities for members and their families and friends to have a 'triumphantly' great time behind the wheel of their Triumphs in the company of like-minded fellow club members.

Activities and organization
The PTSCC has a monthly "Noggin 'n Natter" on the third Wednesday of the month in Menlo Park, Pretoria. This meeting is usually followed by at least one club activity, event or excursion per month. These are usually social events in the form of breakfast runs to places of interest, a treasure hunt, a driving test or car gymkhana, participation in classic car exhibitions or car show events, etc. Those who wish to have their pride and joy adjudicated in terms of its cleanliness, condition and originality, can participate in a concours d' elegance or concours d'etat at regional and national level.

The Pretoria Club has four so called 'Houses' or groupings that provide a home for the particular model or type of Triumph a member may own. The 'Sidescreen' House caters for owners of the early classic TR's (TR2/3/3A), while the 'Michelotti' House is there for owners of TR's designed by the Italian maestro, Giovanni Michelotti (TR4/4A/5/6/Stag). The relatively modern wedge-shaped Triumphs (TR7/8) find a home in the 'Amaseven' House, while the 'Spitfire Plus' House groups together owners of the Triumph Spitfire, GT6, Herald, Vitesse, as well as small and large saloon cars, including the Chicane. Houses take turns to host 'noggins' and events in order to add entertainment and an interesting flavour to club meetings. In addition, houses enjoy a friendly rivalry among one another whereby efforts in service of the club get rewarded by accumulating points towards an inter-house trophy awarded annually.

A democratically elected committee of club officials is responsible for club management and consists of a chairperson, secretary/treasurer, events coordinator, regalia officer, newsletter editor, and points scorer. The house captains of the four Houses form part of the extended committee. Participation and contribution to club activities by members get rewarded by the annual presentation of floating trophies for points earned towards the victor ludorum (gentlemen) and victrix ludorum (ladies) floating trophies. In addition, a competitions trophy goes to the member who has the highest total score in competitive club events such as the concours, driving test, participation in rallies, as well as a treasure hunt.

Newsletters & Benefits
The Club is very proud of its monthly newsletter, the Triumph Herald, which publishes reports about club events, and inter alia carries news about the Houses, members, as well as members' contributions and Triumph related articles. Club members also receive Sabrina, quarterly magazine of the TSCC of SA. In addition, the regalia officer makes available useful club regalia such as jackets, shirts, caps, etc., at very keen prices. A comprehensive club insurance scheme is available for members' Triumphs, providing cover at agreed value and at attractive premiums. The TSCC of SA also runs a service sourcing Triumph parts from the United Kingdom to which Pretoria members have access.
Cooperation with other car clubs

Events and many excursions are usually held jointly with the neighbouring Johannesburg Centre of the TSCC. The biennial show day and concours take turns to be hosted by either Pretoria or Johannesburg. An annual inter club quiz between the neighbours is a regular competitive yet friendly event. The biennial national gathering of the TSCC of SA is always very keenly attended by Pretoria members irrespective of the location of that may be at a distant venue in South Africa.

Pretoria Triumph also has a fine tradition of supporting some events of the MG Car Club (Northern Centre) such as the Cats Eyes Rally and the Jacaranda Run. In turn their members support some of our events such as the annual "gymkhana" driving test. Regular participation in some events organized by the Pretoria Old Motor Club include the annual 'British Day', Mampoer Rally, and Cars in the Park at Zwartkops Raceway.
Some club achievements

Historical Landmarks
In the past the PTSCC organized the largest gatherings of Triumph cars and their owners ever on South African soil. In celebration of their 10th anniversary in 1991, Pretoria organized the first 'Triumph 100' whereby 150 Triumphs gathered at Unisa and formed a unique motorcade through Pretoria culminating in a picnic and braai reception at the Pioneer Museum in Silverton. In 1998 the PTSCC organized the Grand Anniversary Gathering to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Triumph cars and managed to assemble no less than 253 Triumphs and their owners at AFB Swartkop in Valhalla in a magnificent '75' shaped presentation recorded by means of an aerial photograph. This event received good coverage in classic car publications internationally. After this occasion and exposure the club's paid membership grew to more than 90. Membership numbers have since consolidated between 50 and 60 annually.

The Club's silver anniversary celebration in 2006 was the reason for the second 'Triumph 100' held at the Voortrekker Monument that resulted in 110 Triumphs and their owners providing a real party atmosphere at Pretoria's famous landmark. Again, in 2014 the PTSCC took the initiative to organize and host the South African chapter of the 40th anniversary of the Triumph TR7 by means of 74 cars and even more members from Pretoria, Johannesburg, Kwazulu-Natal and Bloemfontein. This event and the celebratory photograph once again attracted international coverage.

The PTSCC organized and hosted the following national gatherings of the TSCC of SA: Loskop Dam (1992), Mount Amanzi at Hartbeespoort Dam, as well as the Triumph National Tour (1998), and at Maselspoort near Bloemfontein (2008). In addition, Pretoria also organized the South African chapter's 50th celebration of the Triumph TR, also at the centrally located Maselspoort in 2003. In 2018 it will be Pretoria's turn to organize and host the national gathering of the TSCC of SA again.

Hope to see you and your Triumph there!

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